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About the Creator


Fashion designer Ransford Nyamaah debuted his clothing line Icyy in the fall of 2018. Being a naturally reserved guy, the brand allows him to express his take on fashion while intertwining it with his personal interests – one of them being hip-hop music.

As a child, Ransford was always fascinated with styling clothes. He was known to get in trouble for stealing his older brother’s clothes just be the most fashionable at school. While in high school he saved his weekly allowance for popular brands like Evisu, Parish, BBC and Artful Dodger jeans. He eventually got job just so he could buy his clothes on his own with no limits. When he couldn’t afford the latest trends, he got creative. He used to distress his jeans and made t-shirts for himself with clothes he already had. This was his way of expressing himself through the only outlet he was comfortable with.

It was during these times, his love for fashion truly peeked through. One day after school he was listening “Champion” by Kanye West when he heard a lyric that stood out to him, “Daddy told me when you see clothes, close your eyelids.” That line deeply resonated with him, especially since he admired Kanye’s style. That small personal moment sparked his creativity to new heights. Any time he thought of an idea, he started writing it out on whatever was near him – old sketch pads, torn pieces of paper or napkins.

As he grew more passionate about apparel and styling, he envisioned one day to design his own clothing line. Needing a form of release, he created his clothing brand Icyy. This line is pent-up genuine artistic expression served via good-quality material.


About Icyy Brand

Icyy Brand was created in the fall of ’18. The word Icyy is a bit of a double entendre, with a few different meanings.

Icyy is sometimes expressed—especially in Hip Hop culture—as a term of endearment to describe someone’s appearance: someone who stands out and is noticeably different from the crowd around them. Icyy can also be describe as something that is intensely cold in reference to temperature. It can also characterize someone who is as icy in reference to personality …. I.e. cold blooded.

The cornerstone symbol is the lightning bolt, I didn’t want to use a symbol that would be obvious like a snowflake or Ice cream. This symbol represents the idea of a familiar idiom: beautiful disaster. When seen from afar, lightning itself is beautiful, but also has the power to elicit complete disaster, destroying whatever is in its path—a slight paradox but also a powerful conviction.

Lightning is also seen by the naked eye before thunder is heard—suggesting that Icyy aims to be visually stimulating from afar, provoking a curiosity that leaves one to wonder what the brand is all about. This symbol is concurrent with nature theme that icyy is portraying. The designer Ransford Nyamaah’s vision for Icyy is to create high quality pieces that embody these different meanings—both through ingenuity and self-expression.

— Stayy Icyy in any weather