About The Brand


Icyy, founded by Ransford Nyamaah in 2018, is a fashion brand based in Dallas, TX that prides itself off providing quality apparel and the passion of its creator, combined with eclectic, one-of-kind designs with elements of urban street wear. Nyamaah does not have any formal training specific to fashion design. His passion came from designing clothes for himself, family and close friends at an early age and from watching his mother make traditional Ghanaian attire from premium fabrics. Seeing and learning from her laid the foundation of how to design a piece.


Nyamaah’s vision, and take, of first-class streetwear aims to tell the story of the inimitable creative self-expression we all possess. Icyy, not to be confused with Saweetie or Gucci Mane’s definitions of the word icy, presents a new way the mysterious rebel in you that likes to color outside the lines, dance to the beat of their own drum and always has fresh sense of style. From the combination of the irregular spelling of “icy” to the lightning bolt design, this is going to be an unconventional fashion brand.


Lovers of Icyy are a fast-growing community that includes individuals who enjoy expressing their individuality and love high fashion. With each new collection Icyy brand’s definition will become more vivid and will continue to create trends, not follow them.